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Short Bio:
all your science - indie rock duo. shoegaze/surf/math/breakbeat influences. vintage guitar tones and minimalist drum setup.

Full Bio:
"all your science" is a rock music duo based in Durham, NC. The group was established in 2007 by Lu Lubenstein (guitar, vocals, piano) and Dave Z, aka "Z-Man" (drums, vocals). The group has self-recorded and self-released several albums (EP, Volume 2, Volume 1). Lu utilizes vintage semi-hollow body guitars and tube amplifiers. Z-Man utilizes a minimalisic drum set, composed only of a bass drum, snare drum and ride cymbal.They are currently working on material for an upcoming album.

"From petroleum-averse drummer David 'Z-Man' Zielinski's homemade trap kit, designed to fit in a knapsack for ease of bike transport, to Lu Lubenstein's uncluttered, clarion guitar tone, there's something homemade and simple to the constituent elements of this band. But the simplicity ends there; the often-instrumental arrangements range from celebratory electric bluegrass and noiseless Sonic Youth-isms to the occasional darkly poetic piano number." -Corbie Hill. The Indepedent Weekly. 8/8/2012

"All Your Science's largely instrumental pieces suggest a collaboration between Tortoise and Bedhead, its twisting guitar lines generally staid but never somnolent and its snappy rhythms always active but never self-aggrandizing. Were these tunes not so compact, you could get lost in these tones." -Grayson Currin. The Independent Weekly. 9/9/2009.

"All Your Science is Durham's own impeccable shoegazey, melodic post-rock superheros. Get that one? I string words together. Two extremely talented musicians with completely different and slightly juxtaposing musical backgrounds piecing their sound together marvelously. This is a heavy, heavy sound for only two people to be making." -Chaz Martenstein. Bull City Records. 05/10/2008.

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